Seat savers

How do you feel about saving seats on a very crowded morning train? I’m not sure how I feel about it. Normally, it’s fine if there are plenty ‘o seats but when there are only middle seats left on the 8:27 and its snowing out and you’re cranky from not getting enough sleep from the night before, right now I’m NOT loving the person that just told me I couldn’t have that empty seat because he was saving it for a friend (who was supposedly “right behind me”). I just walked away and muttered under my breath, “Really?” and took a middle seat. Boo.

But do I have dibs on that seat because I was there first? I mean, I got to the train doors first and boarded first so should I be cranky because I didn’t get that seat? Or should I just relax and be fine squished in my middle seat? Each seat costs $6.25 but you should get a discount for the middle seats especially if you get stuck next to someone that insists on conducting business on the phone first thing!

Passive aggressive graphic design


So the secret to implementing and enforcing the Quiet Car on the 6:42 is to put these little cards (nicely designed, BTW) on the seats and to not have any heat in the car. People turn around out of the car quicker than you can imagine! Yay no heat!

Some people think that handing out cards like these might be passive aggressive. I say yes (and no!) as long they work and people actually pay attention to them. Let’s see how well the power of passive aggressiveness, good graphic design (and no heat!) work…

Welcome back!

Nothing says “welcome back” like a platform full of people on the 1.

Happy New Year! Here’s wishing you a year of short commutes and no delays!

To puff or not to puff

I commuted in with my friend Rich this morning. I had on my puffy down coat and in conversation he pointed out that “only women wear those coats”. I looked at him askance and gave him a wholehearted, “No they don’t! Men wear them too!” But he may have a valid point…

As I stand here at Penn waiting for the 7:37, I’m looking around and I see a bunch of puffy coats but all of the wearers are women. I see men in wool coats, barn jackets, pea coats, fleeces, sweatshirts, rain coats, leather coats and gosh darn it, not a single one of them in a puffy coat!! What the heck? It’s weird!

Do men not feel cold? Does 30-something-degree weather not call for a down-filled coat? (Ducks and geese know a thing or two about keeping warm, right?) Are down coats too cumbersome to carry around with them? Or do they simply think these coats look stupid?? (I do have to say trying to squeeze me and my puffy-coat-wearing butt into a two-seater this morning with another puffy-coat-wearing passenger was like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man trying to fit in a seat next to the Syracuse Orangeman mascot…)

It is only November and the temps haven’t reached anywhere near “frigid” so maybe it is a little too early for the puffer. But when the temps are expected to dip below the 30s again, I’ll be wearing my down coat and looking around to see if Rich’s theory holds true about men and their no-down-coat-wearing rule!

Not a bad ending

…for a shitty week of commuting!

Thanks, Conductor Josh of Clever Commute, for these tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular for tomorrow!


Support Clever Commute, my fave commuter tool, by signing up for their premiere service. I did! And look what it got me!

Good news (or is it?!)

According to the NJTransit website, the Montclair-Boonton line will have limited service, starting tomorrow, Wednesday November 14th.

“The limited service will operate in the peak periods between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., and 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. as follows:

  • One train to Penn Station New York per hour.
  • One train to Hoboken Terminal per hour.”

ONE. TRAIN. PER. HOUR?! Hell no! The trains will be packed! I’m better off driving to the Allwood Park n Ride like I’ve been doing and taking a bus that at least comes every 5 minutes. I might wait until our line is fully functional because even when it’s “fully functioning”, the service sucks balls! So can you imagine what “limited service” is going to be like…It’s like coffee without caffeine OR non-alcoholic beer OR Oreos without milk OR sex without an orgasm….WHAT’S THE POINT?!?!?!?

So, I might ride it out (on a bus) a bit and see if we get a fully functioning train line by December. Until then, I’ll take my coffee WITH caffeine, thank you very much!

(Wow, I just re-read that third paragraph and spot many sexual innuendos, most of them unintentional!)

Thanks, Governor!


So per my favorite network, Clever Commute says that Gov. Christie is finally giving us something for free!

Starting tomorrow, Friday November 9th, there will be a FREE shuttle bus service between Bay Street, Glen Ridge and Bloomfield Avenue stations and Weehawken Ferry Terminal. And FREE ferry service between Weehawken and Pier 79 at West 39th Street in Manhattan (Midtown Manhattan). And you can take the FREE bus service that NY Waterway provides to locations in Midtown. Nice!

Do you know how LONG my commute will be??! I’m thinking at least 2 days. The shuttle to Weekhawken will at least take 25-30 mins (in traffic), the ferry ride is 6 minutes and then the NY Waterway bus ride to my office at W. 50th and 6th is probably another 15 minutes. These are all ideal times. Of course, a 45 minute ideal commute can easily turn into an hour and a half (on a good day!). BUT I have to at least try it, right? Especially if it’s FREE! And with the rumors that the Montclair-Boonton line won’t be up and running until at least December, it will save me a few bucks. So I’ll give it a shot on Monday and let you know how it goes.

Safe travels, everyone!