Hot and bothered

Okay, this technically is not a commuting thang, but I see this on my commute and has always bothered me: people overbundling their kids.

The rule is, dress them in the same type of clothing you’re wearing. And I feel sorta like an authority of all-that-is-kid after working at Parenting magazine for more than 10 years (albeit in the art department, but still…). So if you’re wearing shorts and a tee shirt, the kid should not be wearing 2 hats, 4 sweaters, 3 pairs of socks and then wrapped like a burrito in a fleece blanket! You’re killing it!!

So on this lovely morning, when I saw this little baby with a hat and leather jacket wrapped in a fleece blanket waiting on the train platform with me, I immediately started to hyperventilate (of course, after I took his picture for my blog).

Moral of story: don’t suffocate your kids! They’re probably a lot more comfortable than you think.



One response to “Hot and bothered

  1. Love the blog!! You are one dangerous woman with your camera phone (iphone?)

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