Spread ’em

Love when guys take up 3 seats on the subway cuz they insist on spreading themselves out. Really?!


2 responses to “Spread ’em

  1. worst is when it’s crowded and some bonehead w/ a backpack doesn’t take it off while standing… Turns into a comedy routine when the person turns from side to side to look around. i religiously carry one and am always polite enough to take it off.

  2. Nice picture!

    Once, when I got on the bus (last stop on the way into the city from Weehawken) and walked all the way to the back to the last seat left, I found a man sitting in one seat with his briefcase in the seat next to him. When I said, “Excuse me …” and waited politely for his response, he actually scooched over as far as he could without actually picking up his briefcase, looked me in the face and said, “There’s no room.”


    I actually had to make a grown man pick up his things so I could sit down!

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