You’re my obsession

We spent Labor Day weekend down the Shore on LBI and since the weather wasn’t ideal for sunbathing, we spent a lot of time indoors playing board games.  And thanks to a recent office PR visit from Hasbro, I had this new electronic version of Boggle to try.  The whole family was hooked! We literally played Boggle before breakfast, after breakfast, at lunch, before dinner and anytime in between! (Nothing bonds a family like having your 14-year-old son find the word “PENIS” on a Boggle board!)

This is relevant on a commuter blog how? Well, we didn’t get enough Boggle over the weekend and my son said, “Hey, I bet they have an app for that on your iPhone.” And I said, “You mean, so I can play Boggle on my iPhone while I’m on the train?!?!” So he found me WordPlay online.Picture 2..

For a mere .99 cents for the app, you can play Boggle-like games ONLINE anytime, anywhere! I do, however, have to time my games so that I finish playing before my train gets into the tunnel.  I rocked a 7-letter word in a game once but it didn’t count because I lost connection to the server in the tunnel before they could score it.  Ugh.

So, what are your online games that you’re obsessed with that keep  you entertained on your commute in?


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