Car (service) sick

A late night at work and I get to see the interior of yet another Tel-a-Car car. I’m glad I don’t have to take a late train home on this drizzly night but car services get me so sick! It really doesn’t help when the cars reek of cologne or cigarettes or when the drivers drive like mainiacs or when they keep snorting (like my driver tonight).

I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow morning’s (cologne-free, smoke-free and snort-free) train ride in.


One response to “Car (service) sick

  1. I once found a car service at the last minute to take me to Newark Airport for some work thing. The car that came was a POS, the driver was wearing sweats, was telling me all about his baby’s mama, and drove like he was in the Fast and The Furious. I hate flying but actually felt safer to arrive at the airport.

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