Can’t help but think of that day 8 years ago today. I still remember how beautiful the day was–perfectly crisp and perfectly sunny.

What struck me was that on the crowded train ride home, people weren’t talking to each other, just reading the NYTimes as usual, keeping to themselves and there wasn’t much mumbling. I don’t think we all realized what actually just happened. Maybe we were numb, maybe we were in shock.

But a few days later when people started returning to work, it’s like we all opened our eyes and finally looked at each other. It was weird. We started talking to each other, smiling at one another. Can you imagine? New Yorkers actually smiling at each other. I know. Weird, right?

Anyway, none of us will forget that day. What we were doing, what we were wearing. And I like to think that we all changed a little that day.


One response to “Remembering

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