Thanks, Baristanet!

The cool folks at Baristanet mentioned my blog today and it was a hit! 2,180 hits to be exact (as of 11:38pm this evening). To those of you that think I’m a “classless jerk”, I’m still good. As long as there are obnoxious people on the trains and subways and as long as I have my iPhone fully charged, I’ll keep blogging.  Happy commuting everyone!

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3 responses to “Thanks, Baristanet!

  1. Ummm, I don’t think you’re doing a very good job promoting ur site urself. From ur stats, it looks like ur the only reader (aside from the Baristanet bump).

    I hope that there are more readers now, but you’ve got a clever blog here, and I’m sure that many commiserate with you, so let’s work on promoting this more.

    Are you using Twitter feeds to update the fact that there’s a new post? Have u set up RSS feeds? Email subscriptions?

    I don’t have a flood of readers, but I could definitely give u some tips on increasing readership if you’d like.

    • I guess I could use the help. After the flurry of hits from that Baristanet link, it kinda peetered off. But when I post my link on FB, I do get a little more than a dozen hits. I’m on Twitter, but have never used it.

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