Take it off

I wish people knew how much more room we’d have on the subway if they just took their backpacks/large bags/briefcases off their backs/shoulders and our commuting life would be that much better.


2 responses to “Take it off

  1. OK. I’m going to unsubscribe now to this RSS. It was cool when Baristanet said someone was blogging about the NY/NJ commute; but the postings are nothing more than the sort of routine complaints that every commuter makes every day. The one exception was the awful story about purposely letting a sleeping rider miss his stop, and then asking whether that was wrong…yeesh! There’s more than enough bland, and more than enough snarky/entitled, commentary on the Web as it is.

    • If you were expecting a blog that was going to wax poetic about the daily commute into the city, then I’m sorry to disappoint. I didn’t realize you had such high standards for blog posts. Enjoy your day and good luck finding blogs to subscribe to that meet your needs!

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