Love my umbrella, but….

WHERE do you store it while on the train?!

It’s super crappy weather here in Bloomfield so I took out the big guns: my large golf umbrella and wellies. The wellies are great, albeit a fashion statement of their own (and what outfit DOES one wear with them without making one look like a homeless person? A separate blog entry on that later…). And the golf umbrella is a commuter’s necessity. Forget the mini umbrellas. They don’t do shit. They fit perfectly in your purse or coat pocket but when you get to work, you look like a drowned rat and your pants are soaked to your lap. Not a look you want to sport when you’ve got a meeting or a fashion run-through first thing in the morning.

Now the golf umbrella…it’s large and in charge. You walk down the streets of New York and people clear the way for you (or course that’s because they don’t want to get their eyes poked out by your larger than life umbrella and as they’ve passed you they’ve also given you the one-fingered salute). BUT it does the job and keeps you bone dry! You just have to be sure the girth if your body doesn’t exceed the width of your umbrella, otherwise you might as well have gone sans umbrella in the first place (and then we’ll have to talk Jenny Craig afterwards).

Brings me back to my question: where do you keep a large golf umbrella when you’re on the train? You can’t put it on the seat between you and the guy next to you (see previous”Umbrella stand” post), you can’t lay it on the floor because it will be in someone’s way, and you can’t place it in the overhead storage rack. I tried balancing it standing up on the seat in front. Fail! It just ends up falling on the floor. So, I had no choice but to hold the wet, drippy umbrella between my knees!

Any other suggestions?!


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