I don’t get no respect!

Why is it that pedestrians in Jersey don’t get the right of way like they do in the city?

When I’m walking to or from the station in Bloomfield, I could be crossing the street and literally be in the middle of the crosswalk and a car will come tear-assing ’round the corner and not bother yeilding and will come thiiis close to hitting me. Or I’ll be stepping into the crosswalk and a driver will be driving up the street and I swear SPEEDS up and gives me a look like, “What the he’ll are you trying to do?!? Cross the street?!?!”

But in the city it’s a different thing all together. Pedestrians rule the roads over there. There’s probably too many of them, especially in areas like Times Square and Rock center (think Christmas time and the tree lighting). When a sea of people are crossing the street, it’s hard to do anything but let them cross!!

I wish it was that simple here on the streets of Jersey. Drivers just don’t respect pedestrians, at least here in the ‘burbs they don’t. We’re too lazy to walk anywhere that we automatically jump in our cars to just drive down the street to the CVS that most people in the ‘burbs don’t even know what it’s LIKE to actually be a pedestrian (and NO, walking at an outdoor mall does NOT count!).

I think if people that usually drive everywhere should just (literally) walk a mile in a commuter’s shoes. They’d have a different perspective and a tad more respect for those of us that use the roads for walking!


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