The dinner train

I thought the strong smell of McDonald’s on the train home was pretty obnoxious, but SUSHI?!? Really?! No, really?!?

Note to all commuters:

Do NOT feel free to consume anything on the train which smell will waft farther than your face.

This means, none of the following:
• anything from McDonalds
• salad with balsamic vinegrette
• onion soup
• chicken from KFC
• Indian food
• sushi

If you’re gonna eat something pungent, the least you could do is offer some to your fellow commuters!


2 responses to “The dinner train

  1. Not sure how an egg sandwich didn’t make it to your list.

    • Ah yes, the famously pungent egg sandwich. Loaded with cheese and dripping with ketchup. That’s exactly what I want to smell on a crowded morning train first thing. Thanks!

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