I’m old

You know you’re old when there is a gaggle of teenage girls on the train and you find them waaaay more annoying than the screaming baby that was on the train the day before.

I don’t know what it is that I find the most annoying about them. Is it just because they switch the seatbacks over so all six of them can face each other and talk about what they’re wearing for their senior portraits next week or how many jeans their moms let them buy from Ambercrombie? Or the fact that all six of them can carry 4 separate conversations simultaneously yet know exactly what each other’s conversation is about? Or how they use “like” for like, every other like, word. Or maybe it’s just the mere presence of their youth?

Most of the people i see on my daily commute are over 18 and, like myself, jaded. So whenever these sparkly, fresh, young people are sharing our space, we can’t help but feel NOT young. With their unwrinkled faces and their shiny long hair and their bright futures ahead of them, how can you not?!

Or maybe it’s simply just because they’re loud?


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