They weren’t kidding

…when they said we were getting snow! When I left this morning, it was coming down pretty good but from my office in midtown, it didn’t seem so bad. They ended up closed our offices at 1pm but I was in a little bit of denial about how the snow was coming down across the river in Jersey. My husband kept texting me how much snow there was but I didn’t believe him. Then I kept hearing that NJTransit was going to have limited service westbound after 2:30p so I figured I should probably head out.

I ended up on the 3:48 and got to Bloomfield around 4:15 and this is what the platform looked like. Wasn’t too-too bad but then we started driving home and that’s when I realized how much snow we got (and it was still coming down!).

Got to hand it to NJTransit on today’s commute though. All trains seemed to be running on time, Penn Station was calm and people were not annoyed. If everyday’s commute could be like today’s, I wouldn’t mind snow all winter long!

Westbound platform at the Bloomfield station

Glenwood Ave in front of the CVS


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