15 – 30 minute delays

Here’s the scene at the crowded Bloomfield eastbound platform as we wait for the delayed 8:27 train on this cold February morning.

We don’t even expect our train to be on time anymore. I think we’re just happy it shows up and we don’t have to get re-routed to Hoboken or have to take DeCamp.

Update: delays are now 30-45 minutes! Great.


3 responses to “15 – 30 minute delays

  1. At least they’ve picked a good day to announce a proposed 20-30% fare increase. And cut service to boot!

    We’ve seen this game played before many times by the MTA by way of their “doomsday” plan. Scare the pants off of everyone by proposing a buck increase per ride or whatever, then accept an 11% increase. Crisis averted. Everybody’s happy (ish).

    • Yup, heard that on the radio this morning too. But why is it that even though we huff and puff about any increases, we STILL fork out the money every month?!?

  2. Because NYC is where the jobs be at.

    Or maybe it’s part of Christie’s master plan to spur economic growth in NJ by frustrating the hell out of everyone to the point that people will no longer commute in.

    We’ll open new businesses in NJ and people will get in their cars and have a short 15-20 minute drive on our underutilized, toll-free highway system.

    Wait.. that won’t work either.

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