How touching

Our legs are actually touching. Eww.

Too bad you can’t tell from this picture but my left leg is touching the right leg of the guy sitting next to me becuase he can’t seem to keep his knees together. But I’m NOT movin’ my leg! It’s staying stuck to his until he moves. Why do I have to be the one to keep my knees together when sitting in a two-seater?! Cuz he’s a guy and that’s the way guys sit? I don’t think so.

So this inspires me to compile another list…


• GUYS: Please keep your knees together and make room for the person sitting next to you. No need to spread ’em and let the boys air out. You can do that on your own time and in the comfort of your own seats at home.

• GIRLS: DON’T groom yourself in public. It’s really not attractive and quite gross.  Forget bumping into the man of your dreams on the train.

DON’T huff and puff when I ask you to move your shit off the empty seat next to you so I can sit. If you wanted to put your shit there, buy an extra ticket for your shit. Only then will I move on to another seat.

DON’T talk on your cell phone loud enough for me to hear your conversation through my headphones on set on Volume 10. And does everyone really need to hear that you’d prefer to go to Thai Chef tonight rather than Cuban Pete’s because you’ve had enough Thai to last you awhile?

• If you’re sitting in a window seat and I’m sitting in the aisle seat, DON’T ask me to get up so you can get out and stand in the aisle right by the door for the rest of the ride waiting to de-train. You’re really only saving yourself 20 seconds or so. Really.

The list goes on and on but these are the few I have time to jot down. As always, feel free to add!


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