Has spring sprung?

We just came out of a weekend with spring-like weather and today’s high is going to be 58. Challenging thing was trying to find a jacket appropriate for this in-between-season weather.

I tried my short wool coat–too warm. Then I tried my denim jacket–too light. Then I pulled out my orange sherbet-colored spring coat–too springy. So, after emptying out my coat closet, I ended up wearing my black velvet blazer. Seemed like it was just warm enough and yet just light enough for today’s unusually warm weather.

PS. My shoes are another issue all together: I’m wearing a dress with my Uggs. A whole post on in-between-season footwear another time…

Happy spring-like Monday!


3 responses to “Has spring sprung?

  1. I should have read this before leaving my apt- I wore my winter jacket. So warm!

  2. Hot Trainy Mess

    It’s hard because when we leave in the morning it’s chilly, then it gets hot during the day, then the evening commute is chilly again.

    • commutefromhell

      So true! And on top of that, some offices are frrrreezing so you need a sweater at work.

      I know I’m going to freeze my butt off later if I end up leaving the office any later than 7 when the sun goes down!

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