Portrait of a commute

I got a rare window seat on the 8:27 eastbound yesterday and to top it 
off, it was on a double-decker! So, I took some pics from my window 
seat from Newark to Secaucus.

After looking at theses pics, I realized how much of a wasteland this 
part of Jersey looks! And the dreariness of the day didn't help. But I 
promise, North Jersey isn't as toxic as it looks!

And if you look reeeeealy close, you can see the Empire State Bldg 
coming into view towards the end of my trip.

Anyway, happy end if the week!

Pile of rubble behind the Newark Broad St. station

More rubble at Newark

Newark Bears Stadium and McCarter Hwy

A graffitti'd building

Some kind of stadium being built in Newark

Lovely electrical structures

Some body of water that looks pretty toxic

A pile of dirt

See the Empire State Bldg in the back there?

There it is again.


2 responses to “Portrait of a commute

  1. Hey like I always say to the naysayers, they called it the Garden State for a reason. It’s sad that the transit system mostly runs through the bowels and not the heart of the state… Love your blog!

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