Taking the bus

Photo courtesy of decamp.com

I took the DeCamp bus into the city this morning because they suspended the Montclair line “due to high water”. I actually got my favorite bus drive, Sal. In the 5 years that I rode the bus, he was actually the only pleasant bus driver they had. If you weren’t in the mood to hear about his “duckies” or listen to him announce on the PA that we were arriving in Bermuda or some other tropical destination when pulling into Port Authority, it was kinda annoying but for the most part, he was fun.

Not like the other drivers DeCamp had. They used to complain about how awful the NJTransit bus drivers were but their driving skills weren’t any better. There were a lot if close calls that we had to screech to a stop or drivers uncomfortably going over the speed limit on local roads. And not to mention the ones that are just plain rude. Then there are the ones that yell at you when you’re on your cell phone but have no problem picking up their cell phone while they’re driving. Or better yet, the ones that don’t enforce their “no cell phones” rule and have to leave it up to fellow passengers to confront the loud cell phone talkers.

Like this guy behind me on the bus this morning.  He actually turned on (what seemed to be) his hand-held radio on the bus.  No headphones attached to it, just turned it on like he was at home.  The woman next to him asked nicely for him to turn it off.  He just ignored her and kept his radio on.  Then a few seconds later, she asked again and he hesitated, but he finally turned it off.  And I KNOW Sal heard the radio because that guy was just 2 rows behind him.  AND THEN, the radio-guy started to talk on his cell phone! The woman chose to ignore him, maybe because we were already in the tunnel into the city and were a few minutes away from getting off the bus. But, as we were pulling into Port Authority, the guy behind radio-guy said to him, “You know you can’t use your cell phone on the bus, right?” And radio-guy, of course acted stupid and said, “Oh, I didn’t know”. And the other guy pointed to the large “No cell phone use” sign in the front of the bus but radio-guy still acted stupid.

See, I think it was Sal’s job to say something to radio-guy and not the woman or the other guy.  It’s the inconsistency of the drivers that bother me.  Some care and some don’t and that’s why passengers have no problem breaking their “no cell phone use” rule because no one enforces it.

So, hopefully that was one of my last trips on a DeCamp bus. BTW, you should also check out the “I hate DeCamp” blog.  You’ll see more reasons why I and many other people have switched over to the train.


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