Portrait of the 9:32p

Here’s a picture of my westbound commute…

Starts off at Columbus Circle/59th St. station

An empty downtown 1 train

Passengers getting on at 50th St.

At my stop, watching the downtown 1 pulling away

Penn Station

Staircase where the Jersey-bound crowd usually bottlenecks. And it usually smells like urine.

Turnstiles to Penn

The monitor that everyone crowds around that announces the tracks that your train is departing from

Corridor to the NJTransit and LIRR trains. A homeless guy is usually sitting there playing his recorder. My favorite is when he plays the theme to the Addams Family.

Crowd waiting for their westbound trains

Boarding Track 2

Waiting for the 9:32 to fill up

Conductor waiting to pull into Blooomfield

Getting off the train at Bloomfield Station

Watching the train pull away

Me and my shadow waiting for the hubby to pick me up at 10:02pm. As always, he's late. I always tell him that I feel like the last kid to be picked up from school!


2 responses to “Portrait of the 9:32p

  1. Usually better to keep walking past the 7th Ave side all the way to the 8th Ave side when things are busy. I find the 7th Ave side much more crowded with NJT commuters (since it is a NJT train).

    • commutefromhell

      So true but the 8th ave side leaves you in the front of the train. When I get to Bloomfield, I need to be on the very last car. You know how we commuters are—we always have a reason for the crazy, habitual things we do!

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