May monthly

Here it is…the May monthly pass that reflects the new price increase from $135 to $169. At first, I didn’t think it was that bad of an increase but when I added up the yearly total, it adds up to an extra $408 a year!! That’s like a whole car payment! WTF?

I think I may have to give up a couple of lunches to make up for the extra cost.  Or when the weather gets nicer, I may have to walk from my office on 57th and 8th to Penn Station rather than taking the 1. What sacrifices will you be making to compensate for this additional cost?


2 responses to “May monthly

  1. What am I sacrificing? Nothing! It’ll just have to get funded from the 25% pay increase I got this year at work.

    Oh, wait. My salary has been frozen for the past two years.

    Consider yourself lucky with that fare increase. Mine went from $198 to $248 (plus subway)

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