Overly connected

The guy sitting next to me on the 8:24 is reading the NYTimes on his iPad…after just checking the time on his iPhone and after writing an email on his iBook, which he kept taking in and out of his probably 15-lb bookbag.

Of course this doesn’t leave much room for me in the seat. He can’t seem to keep his knees together because he has to keep his huge bookbag with all his electronics right by his feet. God forbid he has to waste 5 seconds to get out of his seat to reach for his bag in the luggage rack above his head.

One time, in my commute-life, I used to carry around a cell phone, a Blackberry and an iPod (oh, the horror!). I thought that THOSE devices weighed me down. So I got an iPhone and now the indent on my left shoulder from my once-heavy purse is less deep. Can you imagine how heavy this guy’s bag is?! I think he was just showing off how much cool shit he can carry in his bag. I bet if there was a reason to pull out his Swiss army knife, his Dungeon and Dragons game and his night-vision goggles, he would have.


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