How do you keep cool?

This heat is awful for commuting. By the time I finish my 12-minute walk to the train station, I’m literally drenched in sweat. My little handkerchief that I used to soak up the sweat can’t seem to keep up. So I try a few things to minimize the drippy-ness:

• leaving the house 2 minutes earlier so I can walk juuuuuust a little slower
• walking on the park-side of the street with more shade
• hanging out at the air conditioned CVS or Dunkin Donuts for a 3-minute cool down
• standing on the stairs of the platform where it’s shaded or standing in the sliver of the shadow that the lamp post makes (it makes a difference!)
• (my favorite and most preferred…) getting a ride from my husband in his air-conditioned truck!

I’m sure you have your tricks on how you keep cool during this horrible, hot weather. Tell me!


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