Another commute saved!

By Clever Commute! (Conductor Josh needs to be kissed for his brilliant idea for a network of commuters helping commuters). So here I am on a westbound DeCamp bus because around 5:30, I started to get email alerts that Penn was a mad house. “Thousands of people leaving” looking for alternate routes home. The visual in my head was bad so here I sit.

Not bad. The driver is relatively pleasant and no one is yakking away on the phone. So score for DeCamp! At least this time…


3 responses to “Another commute saved!

  1. I got not a single clever commute email last night. I am hoping there is a way for them to turn off their filter for me because I would rather get 10 emails saying the same helpful thing than none!

  2. Thanks for the kind words…but the commuters actually do all the work 😉

  3. Hi – Please use our feedback form on our site and let me know your e-mail address. I need to know what line you ride. I will check it out.

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