Do you really need a larger version?

See, this is the reason why I don’t have an iPad. It seems redundant to carry an iPhone and a larger version of it, especially when you’re commuting. I mean, isn’t the goal to make your load as light as possible when traveling? Oh, I forgot to tell you that he also was carrying a Blackberry, I just wasn’t fast enough to take a picture of him with all three devices out!

And I can’t imagine toting an iPad in my small summer purse or on the beach. With my beach chair, cooler, towel, sunblock and snacks, where do I fit an iPad?! Anyway, I’m sure if the Apple gods dropped one in my lap right now, I would NOT complain! (Note to Apple gods: I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t complain)


2 responses to “Do you really need a larger version?

  1. I felt exactly the same (, and then I won an iPad in a contest. Now I use it all the time, and indeed find myself listening to music on my iPod while reading books and such on the iPad. Too strange…

    • commutefromhell

      I think if I won an iPad, I wouldn’t complain but I still think I’d have an issue carrying both things with me!

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