Hooked up

I’m on my fave double-decker train again on the westbound 8:37. And I just realized that the seats have these special hooks on the back of them. But it seems like they can only hold very thin-handled bags (like the whole foods bag shown here) and not much else. AND the bags have to be pretty short because anything longer will be sitting on your lap or banging on your knees. Kinda impractical if you ask me.

I guess it doesn’t really matter because I’ll just stare out the window and just enjoy tonight’s slightly elevated view.


3 responses to “Hooked up

  1. Many backpacks have that little loop on the top between the straps which can make use of that hook, but yeah, it’s still too close and ends up resting on your lap anyhow.

    Still better than sitting atop my feet as I often do that foot platform just to keep my bag from touching the ground.

    As for those two seats per car on the top level… not the very end one, but the one just in front that has the little side cubby with direct overhead lighting… I’ll knock over an old lady to get door positioning so I can make a run for that seat. Like my own little slice of NJ Transit paradise. ok, maybe that’s taking it too far.

    • commutefromhell

      LOL, that’s hysterical! I know the seat of which you speak. By the time the train gets to Bloomfield, that seat has been long occupied so I’ve never experienced the pleasure but, like you, I probably would knock over old ladies and pregnant women for that coveted spot if it were ever open!

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