I got nothin’

I have a freelancer that showed up to work carrying nothing. I mean nothing. Not a magazine or book or cup of coffee. Nothing. And I thought to myself, “Can I do that? Show up to work carrying nothing?” It only took me half a second to realize, You just can’t do it.

I made a list of the bare essentials needed for a commute into the city:
• wallet with train pass and MetroCard and pass into my building
• iPhone with earbuds
• house keys
• lipgloss (yes, that is a bare essential)

And with those few things listed above, you at least need a little purse or clutch to carry them in (ok, even a plastic sandwich baggie would do but we’re talkin’ realistic here!). Unless you’re a guy, I guess. You can carry those things in your pants pocket. But I bet you it’s liberating to walk into work thinking, “Ef carrying anything with me cuz everything I need to do my job is right behind those doors and in that cubicle of mine.”

I challenge anyone to try commuting in carrying nothing besides pockets to put your stuff in. Bet you can’t.


4 responses to “I got nothin’

  1. HAHAHA yeah right. me and my 15 lb bag would never make it.

  2. I do it all the time. The secret is buying clothes with this objective in mind. Not always the height of fashion — but I think it all depends on your priorities. Traveling light happens to be one of mine. Here’s what I carry:

    mp3 player clipped to whatever I’m wearing, headphones on or draped around my neck. Sunglasses on top of my head, if needed that day.

    right pocket — keys and a small flat credit card case — with 2 RT train tickets, 2 RT bus tickets, building pass, Metro Card, ATM / debit card, license, benefits card and usually $40 cash (2 twenties)

    left pocket — cell phone, lip gloss and a small vial of peppermint oil (Essential aromatherapy for stressful travel.)

    • commutefromhell

      But do you find that when you change pants, you inevitably forget something?! Whenever I place my MetroCard in the pocket of my blazer or jacket, I end up having to buy another MetroCard the next day because I always forget that I left it in my other jacket/coat pocket. THEN I end up toting TWO MetroCards! Argh!

      • Gentle Reader

        LOL — yep. That’s happened. More than once, I’m afraid. Usually because I didn’t take the time to put stuff back where it belongs. I almost never forget the card case in the morning. Remembering to check yesterday’s pockets for strays — now that’s another story.

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