A good spot

No seats on the delayed 8:27 so I’m stuck in the middle of a 3-seater. Guess it’s better than standing, but is it really? You have to sit with your elbows tucked in the whole time, trying not to have any of your body parts touch the 2 people on either side of you. Of course, I get an ass next to me that insists on spreading his knees out as far as possible so I can feel his body heat emitting from his thigh. Ew.

I feel like finding a “good” spot in the middle of a 3-seater is like finding a good parking spot at the mall…

You drive down the aisle hoping there’s a good space open. Ooh, there’s a spot! Damn, there’s 2 large SUVs parked on either side and of course, one if them is parked too close to the open spot that you want. You don’t want to park there because when their doors swing open, it’s bound to slam into your car. So you keep driving. Ooh, there’s another one up ahead. Too late. Another car driving down in the opposite direction snagged it from you. Damn, that was a good one too. There was a Mini and a Prius parked on either side of that spot!

So you keep driving. And you finally find a spot waaaay out in the parking lot, away from everything and in between a minivan and an Corolla. Hey, at least you found a spot!


2 responses to “A good spot

  1. Once the train pulls into Bloomfield on the NY Penn Station bound line, the train is already filled by Montclarians and Glen Ridgers &, it’s quiet too. But here come the riff-raff with their blaring headsets and cellphone conversations already in progress…lasting all the way to NYC. On the train home, every marginalized person eating food or coughing or every rude confrontational person behaving like they are on a street corner, all seem to empty out on Broad St, Watsessing and Bloomfield. Did I mention the nose blowing ritual that so many Bloomfield riders partake in as soon as they sit down next to you? I would rather lose my seat than blow my nose 17 times while sitting just inches from other people. But not these folks, they are oblivious. And then there are all these ladies from the Bloomfield stop who like to get on and demand the middle seat as if it will get bigger as they sit down. I always tell them to have at it. These shoulders don’t fold up like an ironing board just because you want a place to sit. I am personally too empathetic to ever inflict discomfort on others by pointing at the middle seat and squeezing in. I would rather stand, but some people feel it is their mission to inflict discomfort.

    • commutefromhell

      It’s not our fault that all the Montclair and Glen Ridge riders like to take up the ENTIRE seat and not leave any room for us riders from Bloomfield. And I love that you think that only people from Bloomfield eat or cough or blow their noses on the train. I’ve boarded the eastbound train and there are plenty of people mid-way through their makeup routine or loud conversations, so I know they didn’t just board the train. You guys are bitter because our monthly tickets cost $24 less than yours.

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