Catholic guilt

The jitney I am no longer a passenger on

My friend, RJ, has a theory that Catholics have the best work ethic because of Catholic guilt. We stay at work the latest, we take on the the most work, we never ask for anything in return, others before self, etc. Yeah, we’re basically martyrs. (I think it has a lot to do with memories of kneeling on uncooked rice in front of a cross and having to pray the rosary alot, especially when my grandparents came to visit, but maybe that’s just me!). Anyway, I think guilt is the reason I stopped taking the free Glen Ridge jitney.

I live in Bloomfield, right on the border of Glen Ridge and used to take the Glen Ridge jitney home in the evenings because it would drop me off right at the corner of my street. It was great because I would just have to go just one stop further than Bloomfield but would get dropped off at my house (and nights that she’d feel like it, the driver would literally drop me off at my doorstep!).

But there were night where the jitney would be so crowded with passengers that it was SRO. And there were elderly passengers that I wanted to give my seat up for but was stuck waaaaay in the back so I couldn’t get up. So, of course, I started to feel guilty. Guilt for utilizing a “free” service from a town where I was not a resident of therefore not paying taxes in. So I stopped riding the jitney. I would rather sweat my ass off walking in 90-degree weather or freeze it in sub-zero degree weather. Yes, all because of Catholic guilt.


3 responses to “Catholic guilt

  1. i heard that BL! i support you riding you the jitney though- and the bus driver obviously did too if she would drop you at your house! she knew you lived in bloomfield!

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