Bizzaro train

I’m taking a later train than usual and it’s funny because there’s a whole set of different people standing on the platform and everything looks “different”. I guess you take for granted that the same people stand in the same spot waiting for the same train everyday.

Just like me. My legs are on auto-pilot and I walk to the same spot on the platform everyday. Even when I get on the subway. I walk to the same exact spot on the subway platform to wait for the uptown 1. It’s weird. Guess I’m just a creature of habit (but I think everyone else is too!).


2 responses to “Bizzaro train

  1. We all are. If someone is standing in “my spot” in my head I am yelling at them to move to their own spot!

    • commutefromhell

      LOL, I’m going to try that next time. But who knows, maybe they’re saying in their head, “Ha ha, I have your spot! and sticking their tongue out at me (in their head).

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