2-wheelin’ it

I need to get me one of these guys so I can get home in 6 minutes as opposed to the 12 that it usually takes. I wonder how it would be riding with a dress or a skirt though, which is my daily outfit in the summertime (I don’t think I’ve worn pants since April). Plus the issue with a bike helmet and hair: do you wear one and protect your head or do you not wear one and risk the chance if dying just because you don’t want to ruin your hair? And where do I put all my shit? Do I have to buy a backpack just so I can carry all my stuff in it or perhaps buy one of those bicycle baskets to attach to the front if my bike that can carry my library books, flowers and French baguette home?

Hmmm…it’s looking like taking my Chevro-legs is a much less complicated form of transportation at this point.


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