Last kid to be picked up

I always feel like that when my husband is late picking me up from the station. Everyone’s of the train and already home by the time he picks me up. I give him waaaay enough notice to come get me: he gets the heads up when I get in the train and a time to pick me up. But for some strange, unknown reason, he can NEVER get here in time! I asked him to meet me at 6:45 and it’s currently 6:58 and he’s no where to be found. I especially appreciate his timeliness in inclement weather.

Oh great, there he is. See you!


3 responses to “Last kid to be picked up

  1. The Weddington Adventures

    That’s funny. Well…in defense of your hubby’s tardiness was either: 1. He was busy trying to watch the last part of ESPN’s top ten.
    2. Had to take a last minute whizz before leaving the house just to zip himself in his pants…(naw..hardly unlikely) or 3. Simply mistimed his departure. Happens often over here.

    Point is, don’t sweat it.

    Peace….with 2 fingers!!!:))

  2. The Weddington Adventures

    that’s funny stuff….well at least you’re picked up. stay safe on those crazed commutes. the east coast surely plays differently from the rest.

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