Baristanet Q&A with yours truly

There are some people (commuters and non-commuters) out there that don’t think I’m funny or really care about my commute or my blog. Here’s what I have to say to you: “Ef you”. Someone at Baristanet thinks my blog is slightly humorous enough to do a Q&A with me. So HA!

Happy  Monday! Long Live Commute From Hell!!


4 responses to “Baristanet Q&A with yours truly

  1. The Weddington Adventures

    Good 4 you! Q&A huh…guess you’re moving up in the world. Congrats!

  2. Awesome interview. I’ve read Baristanet for a while and some of their commentators don’t like anything.

    • commutefromhell

      Yeah, you definitely have to have a thick skin when people from Baristanet comment about you! Did you see the comment someone made about Bloomfield riders? I’m pretty sure he/she was a link from Baristanet. He/She thinks all Bloomfield passengers are fat and don’t have any business riding the train (or taking the middle seats) since all they do is eat and blow their noses on the train. He/She called us “riff-raff” and thinks that no one from Montclair or Glen Ridge would ever do those things on the train. Puh-leeze.

      I love your blog BTW and have included a link on my blog as well. Go Riff-Raff!

  3. Thanks!!!! I like riff raff…my kind of people!!

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