A-hole bus driver

Of course there are delays in the train today so instead of waiting for a delayed train, I decided to be proactive and take a DeCamp bus to Port Authority instead (I heard on 1010Wins that they were cross-honoring). So I walk to the stop at Liberty and Broad and surprisingly have to wait less than 10 mins for the 33 to come. I was pretty happy because I usually wait longer than that.

So I board the train and show the driver my train pass and the asshole actually rolls his eyes! Yes, DeCamp driver of Bus #8423, I called you an asshole. Why are the drivers on DeCamp so miserable?! Not ever a “good morning” or a “thank you”. Not sure how they manage their staff over at DeCamp, but they’re ALL miserable. Like I’ve posted a few times before, THIS is the reason I no longer ride the bus into the city. The drivers just don’t make it a pleasant experience.

Anyway, here’s to hoping tomorrow’s commute is sans-DeCamp.

Bonus: I ran into my friend Steve who usually takes the train with me and he thinks that today is definitely a commute from hell.


2 responses to “A-hole bus driver

  1. Another…miserable…commuting…day.

  2. A writer writes. If you want to become a author, publish.

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