Meat locker

Wow, the one car I’m in on the 7:37 is freaking cold. It really does feel like a meat locker. I think I can see the breathe of the guy across from me.

I don’t understand how train engineers can’t get the temperature in the cars right! You figure after years (decades even) of designing trains and passengers riding them, there’d be a temperature that everyone could agree is comfortable. Oh, wait! It’s called “room temperature”. And it’s a nice, neutral 72 degrees. Which this car isn’t.

And its the same thing with buildings. It’s always too cold in the summer. My husband works with HVAC systems and he says that the temperature adjusts to the body temperatures in a room. But, seriously? Whose body temperature is 105-degrees and would warrant the AC to be at meat-locker temperature?!

Anyway, it’s good I brought my sweater with me. I think I just saw a penguin walk passed me down the aisle. He was moving to the next car cuz it was a little too cold in this car for him!


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