Grateful, for once

I’m glad I live here in Jersey and not out on Long Island and don’t have to ride the wretched LIRR. With all the problems NJTransit has and the awful service I encounter, I’m sure a bad day on my line is a hundred times better than a good day on the LIRR.

I know a handful if people that commute from Long Island and they’ve been dealing with shitty service since forever. And during disasters like Sept 11 and the Black Out a few years ago, it just seems like there aren’t as many alternate ways to get out there. You can at least take a ferry or a bus or even walk across the GWB to get to Jersey. Yes, you can take a bus to Long Island too but it just seems like it takes just as long to walk as it is to take the bus out there!

So yes, I’m actually grateful and appreciative of the NJTransit train service. Well, at least today I am.


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