A strike

No, not deCamp but a strike of the lightning kind. We’re stuck here on the 5:45 waiting to leave Penn. The conductor announced that one of the lines got struck by lightning so we’re waiting for the all-clear to get out. Of COURSE everytime I try to get out of the city on time to catch a meeting at my son’s school, my train gets stuck.

Ooh, update! They got the power back and we’re finally headed out of Penn. Whoo hoo! It’s almost 30 mins passed the time it shoulda left but at least it wasn’t an hour. And it looks like the delay encouraged some people to get off the train so there’s more room now. That’s good because the lady with the big Marc Jacobs bag slung over her shoulder standing next to my aisle seat was slamming me in the face with it, so good riddance!


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