Yay, seats!

I think DeCamp is up and running again so it was nice to actually get a seat on the 7:51 this morning.

It’s been SRO the past couple of days so what a relief to not have to stand in the vestibule with other Bloomfield passengers. I hate DeCamp but am grateful today for them 🙂

On another note, did anyone see the Clever Commute email that went out yesterday saying that the train is no longer quiet when Bloomfield and Newark passengers board? I bet it’s the same grumpy passenger that made the comment on my blog that all Bloomfield passengers are FAT and shouldn’t try to fit themselves in the middle seat of a three-seater. Has to be the same person because who else would be so elitist (and IMHO a racist too)? Well, I’d like to wish diarrhea on that person and that it lasts through the weekend and that he/she gets hit with it while on the train so he/she gets stuck using the nasty bathrooms on the train!

To the rest of you Bloomfield riders, keep on squeezing yourselves in the middle seats. I know I will!!


One response to “Yay, seats!

  1. Oh good, you’re back! Was getting worried there for a bit!!

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