The silence is deafening

Looks like starting today, they’re implementing Quiet Commute cars on my line. And to this, I say, “Finally!”. WTH have they been waiting for?! It doesn’t seem to cost them any extra to have them. Unless they’ve hired Quiet Commute Car patrols, like the hall monitors in grade school. (I like to picture people with badges walking up and down the aisle telling people, “I’m sorry, but can you turn your music down? The person next to you can hear your Lady Gaga and doesn’t like it.”)

My only problem is that they’re only the first and last cars of the train, and anal me likes to sit in a middle train (it usually puts me in a great spot by the escalators when we get to Penn). So now in order for me to enjoy a Quiet Car, I have to go to either the very front or very back of the train and then lose being in a “good spot” when I get to Penn! The OCD-part of my brain says,”Don’t do it. It’ll screw with your day.” The more “adventurous” and rational part of my brain says,”Go ahead and try it. There won’t be any noisy children in there!”

So I think for tonight’s commute, I shall try it and report back. Until then, I sit here in my middle car with Lady Gaga full blast in my headphones.


2 responses to “The silence is deafening

  1. I think the Monday after New Year’s is an atypical morning — every one is usually exhausted (quiet) anyway. It was quiet in the last car on 8:30AM train, although i could hear the music of somebody’s earphones behind me. As a friend said, “i’ll take a faster car over a quiet car any day!”

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