19 seconds

…is all it takes.

I timed myself at the MetroCard machine and it took me just 19 seconds to refill my card. So I don’t understand why it takes some people 5 minutes to figure out the machine!

Even if you had to read all the directions (and you read at a 3rd grade level) I still think it shouldn’t take you longer than 2 minutes to buy yourself a ticket! It especially irks me when I’m at a station that only has one machine and it’s in a high tourist area (ie the 1 at the Columbus Circle stop), and all I have is 50 cents left on my card and all I want to do is fill it. And I look ahead and there’s a line of tourists at the ONE machine trying to help each other figure out how to put money in the damn machine! And all the other tourists are happy as clams waiting behind them because they have no where to go!!

So, I think when tourists take more than 20 seconds to get a MetroCard, the machine should time out and the floor beneath them opens up and drops them onto another level where there are other tourists trying to figure out how to use the machines. And they can all be happy as clams together with their own machines as long as they’re not in line in front of me preventing me from getting my ticket!


3 responses to “19 seconds

  1. HAHA that would be awesome!
    I think about this everytime I’m taking the LIRR or the NJ Transit especially because- naturally- I don’t buy tickets at these machines very often so I am a little bit slower. But still, you read EACH page word for word and it only takes me about 45 seconds. And I look around and I wonder why the lines are so damn long, most of these people ride a lot more and are much more familiar with the machines!

  2. This kind of thing is not only annoying but deeply depressing: those machines are such well-designed, easy to use marvels of interface… and yet people still can’t figure it out?! It’s like the back door on NYC buses. Admittedly it’s odd to “touch the yellow tape,” but really, it’s NOT that bizarre. Just read the instructions and touch the goddam tape—and the DOOR WILL OPEN. #iwillkillthem

    • I too, do not use the backdoor on busses. I’m afraid that the bus driver will not see that I’ve completely de-boarded and shut the door in my face as I step off! So, I annoyingly squeeze myself from the back of the bus and exit from the front. I’ll think about the backdoor the next time though!

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