Lovely night for a walk

At least that’s what I told myself while walking home from the Glen Ridge station. Yes, I fell asleep on the 7:37pm westbound train and missed my stop. Oopsie. Funny thing is I heard this guy getting off the train at Newark saying to his friend, “Wouldn’t that suck if I fell asleep and missed my stop?” and I thought to myself, “Yeah, that would totally suck.” Then I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and the doors at Bloomfield were closing. Ugh.

So here I sit at home, blood pumping and a little sweaty from the walk. Oh, and BTW, Glen Ridge, those little gas lamps that line your streets you guys are so proud of? Not so much for walking at night. Especially when the sidewalks are coated with ice. And to the guy who beeped at me cuz I was walking in the middle of the street? If Glen Ridge had better street lighting and everyone cleared off their sidewalks of ice, you wouldn’t have gotten my special one-fingered wave.


2 responses to “Lovely night for a walk

  1. Please… GR, Bloomfield, doesn’t matter the town… there are still a lot of sidewalks not cleared and some don’t even have paths on the corners to cross the street…

    You, my dear, need to walk home more often if you’re blood is pumping that much and you’re sweaty from the 1-2 mile walk you’re doing! Just saying… 🙂 Although i do admit that I almost took the GR shuttle last night due to all the ice — forgot you have to buy a pass for it now. I never take it and am probably the better for it due to all the walking, but now i’ll never take it.

    • I said “a little sweaty”! And I WAS wearing my down coat too. But you’re right, I do need to do a little more walking!

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