The Slacker Train

As I was getting off of the 9:27am from
Bloomfield this morning, I heard a guy tell his friend that that train was known as “The Slacker Train”. It arrives at Penn usually at around 9:50 and one doesn’t emerge from underground until at least 9:53. So I guess you wouldn’t get to your final destination (depending on where it is in the city) until after 10:15. So, YES, this is the Slacker Train!

Some nice things about the 9:18:
• it’s not as crowded as the 8:27 so you always get a seat
• passengers are a little more relaxed since they all seem to have jobs that don’t start at 9 so no one is leaping toward the exit as soon as we get out of the tunnel at Penn and running other passengers over or worse–blocking the aisle
• it always seems quieter since those of us that slack, don’t seem to be as social
• no one freaks out or complains when there’s a train delay because none of us apparently have to be anywhere before 10!

And more importantly, taking The Slacker Train gives me an extra hour at home to do whatever–put the dishes away, fix my bed, throw in a load of laundry, straighten my hair, shovel snow. I’ve even been able to squeeze in a quick-dry manicure! So see, even though I’m taking The Slacker Train, I don’t seem to be that much of a slacker after all 🙂


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