To move or not to move?

My friend Melanie rides another NJTransit train line and this was her FB status this morning:

“Lots of happy, boisterous kids in the “quiet car” this morning, w/their moms. The conductor apologized to commuters (over the loudspeaker) but refused to ask the noisy group to move. But should the moms, upon learning that they were in the quiet car, have voluntarily taken their crew to the next car?”

My response was the moms should have moved once they found out it was a quiet car. But like most non-commuters, they probably didn’t care or just pretended not to hear the conductor.

What do you think?


2 responses to “To move or not to move?

  1. I think the moms should be flogged! Same kind of parents who let their kids run around a restaurant while you are trying to have dinner. You’re not in your damn backyard! End rant.

  2. Ideally, once they realized it was the quiet car, they should have moved. Without knowing how old the kids were and how many there were, I can’t give you more than that.

    If I were on the train alone with both of my kids and seats were scarce, I’d be hesitant to move once I’d found a seat as well. But I have toddlers, and I can usually keep ’em quiet with lots of crackers and gummy fruit…but then someone would probably make a comment about how unhealthy my kids will be. Can’t win ’em all, and now the ride is over.

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