Blind in the city

It really amazes me that people who can’t see, get around the city. I can see fairly well (with the help of contacts) and I don’t get around the city that well! Yesterday I was trying to get from Madison and 58th to Penn and I couldn’t seem to find the entrance for the 1 at 59th and 5th!! I walked around and around the area because HopStop said it was in that intersection yet I couldn’t see it. I was so frustrated that instead of asking anyone where it was, I ended up walking back to my usual 1 stop at Broadway and 50th.  I did text my friend Megan later just to see if that entrance actually was where HopStop said it was! I know–loser.

Anyway, I digress. I saw this man walking up to the platform to the 2 and he was obviously blind or visually impaired since he was using a cane. Call me naive or just ignorant but I was impressed that he got to the right platform and going in the right direction. As mentioned before, I can barely get around the city (especially navigating the subway) without the help of HopStop or friends. So more power to those that are handicapped or visually impaired and can independently get around New York!!


One response to “Blind in the city

  1. Well, first of all, there is NO subway entrance of any kind at 59th and 5th. There is an N/R stop that claims to be at 59th and 5th but really the entrances are closer to 60th. The 1 is at Columbus Circle and continues up the west side, so it never gets anywhere near 5th Ave. 🙂

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