Does anyone read these?


I see these fliers on the train every once in awhile but haven’t picked one up til now. Interestingly enough, there’s an item announcing that NJTransit will be conducting a system-wide customer satisfaction survey on their website. I think last year or so, they handed out PAPER surveys that they gave you a day or two to fill out and then collected. Now that was just a year ago–my, they’ve come a long way, baby!

I’m surprised no one told the people at NJTransit that they have this thing called “the Internet” where you can do things like “email” and “online surveys”. I bet there were only a handful of passengers (including me) that took the time to fill out that paper survey last year. As I was putting pen to paper, I was wondering, “Why didn’t they just do this online?” It’s about time!

If anyone’s interested in telling NJTransit how they feel about our commute, go to and click on the “Score card” banner. Apparently, the results of this survey will be posted in July.


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