The commute of awesome

[This post is inspired by The Book of Awesome and The Book of (Even More) Awesome.]

Here’s a list of some “little things” on my commute that make it awesome:

  • finding the first free parking spot on Glenwood Ave. right behind the last metered spot
  • walking to the train and making it under 12 minutes (and not sweating that much)
  • the subway pulling up as I get to the top of the stairs of the platform
  • leaving the office at 6pm and making the 6:20 (with time to spare!)
  • playing all my Words With Friends games (or sending an email/sending a text/posting on my blog) right before entering the tunnel and losing signal
  • taking a nap on the train home and waking up exactly as it pulls into Bloomfield
  • getting on the Quiet Car and it’s actually quiet
  • grabbing the last possible seat on a super-crowded train
  • during the summer, getting home early enough knowing that there’s still a few hours of sunlight
  • during the winter, getting a snow day!
  • walking up to the NJT ticket machine or the MetroCard machine and no line!
  • pulling in to Penn Station and the door you’re standing at pulls up right to the escalator or the stairs
  • getting a window seat on the way home and watching the sun set
  • seeing something awesome on my commute and being able to grab my phone fast enough to take a picture and blog about it

Feel free to add more “commute awesomeness” of your own!


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