A new perspective

So I just realized that if you walk on the other side of the street of Glenwood Ave (along Watsessing Park), the trees provide shade for most of my morning walk to the train station. And I noticed that everything looks different even when you just move literally 20 feet to the right!

I noticed all the walkers and bikers in the park (I was surprised some were wearing sweatshirts, even in this sweltering heat). I noticed that squirrels move very slowly in hot weather. I noticed that you can avoid the smelly garbage cans on hot garbage days when you walk across the street. I even spotted a woman on a bench smoking a joint! So not only did I get to walk in shade and avoid a silly flip-flop tan, I feel like I got a whole new perspective of my neighborhood.


2 responses to “A new perspective

  1. No wonder you looked so cool and collected when I ran into you this morning! (And: Smoking a joint in this heat???)

  2. Seeking shade is of utmost importance. A grand accomplishment with benefits. Congrats!

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