A man with crutches just got on our crowded train at Newark. He was standing by the door because there weren’t any seats. I assumed one of the 2 gentlemen and 1 woman that were seated in the handicapped spots would give up there seats. But nope. They just kept their heads down. So I got up from my set and offered it to him.

Wow. I still can’t believe people don’t give up their seats for people using crutches, pregnant women and elderly people. It’s the decent thing to do, people!! I feel like even when I’m in my 70s and old and grey, I’ll still give up my seat to someone using crutches, anyone who’s (obviously) pregnant and the elderly. But that’s just me.


2 responses to “Really?!

  1. Good for you! Did you grumble passive-aggressively under your breath and go to stand right next to the handicapped spots? It’s fun.

    • commutefromhell

      I should have but there were seats open, I just had to walk up a little so NBD. I did want to shoot those 3 passengers the evil eye, though!

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