What Would Stephen Do?

My friend and fellow Montclair line commuter posted this on FB this morning:

“Sitting on an train being asphyxiated by the dude next to me who has been passing gas non-stop since he sat down! C’mon man! Take some Beano! Walk away! Say excuse me or something! Don’t just sit here farting away! Damn! There he goes again! I’m going to have to move or else dude is about to get slapped being so nasty!”

Gross! I think I would have gotten up and changed seats right quick but really?!? Farting?? That’s one I haven’t encountered yet but luckily for my blog, Steve has.


4 responses to “WWSD?

  1. Cara, I’m happy my suffering is good fodder for your blog. I may have to do a post on train riding etiquette because that (unfortunately) is not the first time. However it was certainly the most egregious!

  2. Oh boy. If you really can’t hold it in, at least spread the joy. Get up and walk up and down the aisle of ANOTHER train car – or get to the restroom!

  3. It won’t surprise you to know, C, that I once got up from sitting next to a farter and loudly told him he was disgusting and that he should excuse himself. And then he got off at my stop!

    • commutefromhell

      Ugh. That’s the WORST! That’s like flippin the bird to someone when they cut you off in the parking lot and then seeing them in line at the store!!

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