Grand Jury

I’m sitting here at the Essex Courthouse in beautiful downtown Newark in Waiting Room C patiently waiting to be selected (or not) for Grand Jury. I’m kinda hating the fact that I’m here but kinda liking that I didn’t have to commute into the city on this hot and humid day.

Sitting in this air-conditioned room with a bunch of random Essex county residents is not too different than sitting on a train I guess:
• We’re all sitting together but alone in our own world–blocked out by either headphones or a book/kindle/newspaper/iPad.
•We’re all sitting in chairs that are facing in the same direction (but not going anywhere) watching CNN on the 2 flat screens in front of us.
•No one wants to be here and we’d all rather be home
•There’s the requisite sick person hacking and coughing up a lung

The only difference is that it doesn’t smell so bad in here.

Well enjoy your Friday eve and stay cool! 🙂


One response to “Grand Jury

  1. Is it Friday already? Congrats on having a +1 experience over your commute. Nothing wrong with a little County paid A/C on a hot day.

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