A new commute for the week

I’m on a different project this week so I’m taking the E to Lex and 53rd. I’m such a creature of habit that when I have to do anything different, it’s like a whole new world! I have to check HopStop a hundred times, look at google maps a hundred times more just to make sure I’m going in the right direction. And last night, I had to visualize myself going on a different route and taking a different train. If it wasn’t a Sunday, I would have done a “dry run” the day before!!

I’ve been working in the city for more than 14 years, you’d think I’d have this down pat by now!!



One response to “A new commute for the week

  1. I used to get off at that stop just to do something different from the 4/5. That was in ’94-’95 though. I think that station has been drastically improved since then. It was horribly crowded, even getting off at 6:30 in the AM. Ugh. Talk about caffeinated zombies. No one ever looked up!

    Great shot, by the way.

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